Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Novatek commits to integrity and acts complied with government laws and regulations to provide sufficient operational transparency and respect for shareholder rights. The Company's Board of directors consists of industry seniors with profound professional experiences and related expertise. The Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee are constructed under supervision by the Board of directors to further reinforce the Company's internal operation and corporate governance.


The Company's vice president of investment relations shall organize and supervise the corporate governance operation, whereas its financial director shall be responsible for the matters relating to the board of directors, in which the main duties cover providing directors with the data for business execution and board meetings and development of the latest corporate operation related laws and regulations.


The 2017 business promotion mainly includes six credits of the “home teaching” advanced study program commissioned to Taiwan Corporate Governance Association for the board members, taking out liability insurance for directors and managers, providing board members with proceedings, meeting data and minutes book in accordance with the rules of procedures for board of directors meetings, preparing meeting notice, meeting manual and minutes book for shareholders' meetings in conjunction with the prescription statutory limitation, etc. In addition, the operation and execution relating to change registration as the case may be, auditing as well as CPA's periodical communication with the audit committee members for auditing matters, financial report's material issues and amendment and development of the latest laws and regulations, holding of quarterly investor conferences and non-periodical participation in investment forums were already reported in the 2018 board of directors meeting.


The primary duty of Novatek board of directors is to supervise, and to guide the Company's management to deploy feasible corporate strategies for its long-term, mid-term and short-term business development while to maximize its benefits for its shareholders and stakeholders. The board of directors maintains a functional communication with the management and conducts the board meetings at a quarterly basis.

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