Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Overview



With the progress of society, the objectives and responsibilities pursued by enterprises are no longer limited to the simple level of economic interests, but rather are multi-oriented. In the pursuit of economic interests, we should also consider the negative impact of conventional economic activities on society and the environment. Novatek has made corporate social responsibility the focus of the five major facets of its corporate governance, the shared prosperity of partnerships, environmental sustainability, friendly workplace and social care, with the intention of to fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and meet the expectations of our stakeholders with a more systematic and methodical approach.


Novatek set up the "Novatek Corporate Social Responsibility Committee" in April 2016 to ensure the implementation of corporate social responsibility, and the vice president and company spokesperson David Chen was assigned by the president as chairman of the committee. There are five work groups in this committee, including operation governance, social feedback, environmental sustainability, employee care, and partnership, which are responsible for determining the objectives of corporate sustainable development, regularly reporting to the Board of Directors, composing the "Report on Novatek Corporate Social Responsibility", and ensuring that all identified major considerations are covered in order to implement the social responsibility policies.


In the foreseeable future, Novatek will continue to invest more effort and resources in the fulfillment of its corporate social responsibilities, so that the existence and development of Novatek will bring greater value to all its stakeholders and to society in general.


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