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  Development & Training


Development & Training
Managing People as Invaluable Assets
At Novatek, we continually strive to assist our people in the development of their career and seize any business opportunity that enables them to perform at their full potential.

Managing people as an invaluable asset is one of the company's driving principles. Well known as a people-centric company, we are committed to the continued career growth and achievement of each employee.

As soon as you commence your career with Novatek, you will begin to learn how the company functions, how to make the most of your contribution to the company, how to successfully access our resources and build connections and partnerships with people — and how to enjoy the process.

Developing Your Future

We fully respect the individual career plan of each employee. Each of our employees is encouraged to focus deeply and to intensify their knowledge in their field of expertise. They are also encouraged to expand their experience and diversify their job field by transferring across different jobs and functions. Whichever you choose, an individual career development plan will be prepared for each employee to enable them to learn and to grow, to define their careers and to achieve their maximum professional growth.

For senior staff engaging in management tasks, a management development program is provided to help develop the leadership and management skills required to lead a strong organization with a high performance culture.

The company has been heavily engaged in an employee development program, which is designed to maximize the success of the company, and the success of our people. The Novatek development program includes:

    Technical Training - In addition to developing their professional skills, employees are encouraged to conduct research into future technology by acquiring in-depth industry reports and documents, attending global conferences and seminars, and by participating in global organizations and associations related to the industry, with the aim of keeping our people up-to-date in the evolution of emerging technologies.

    In-house knowledge database – Novatek employees are welcome to freely access our in-house knowledge database, which contains an abundant array of advanced technology resources, IP and patent library information and data, technical publications, etc.

    Internal Training Offerings – A basic suite of comprehensive internal training courses, ranging from newcomer orientation guides, tutor programs, language enhancement programs, various on-the-job training courses and internal e-learning modules, is offered to enable our people to ensure their skills are aligned with the company's business objectives.

The More You learn, The More Benefits You Earn.

We encourage our employees to learn and to grow.

Novatek provides a great variety of training activities and undertakes all the expenses and eligible fees incurred by each employee for accredited professional/occupational programs that have been approved by the management, and that have been successfully completed by the employee with a satisfactory result.


The company also provides a partial refund of tuition fees for participation in external language programs, with the aim of encouraging our employees to reinforce their language competence outside of working hours.

A Place To Grow and Learn
What enables Novatek to succeed - The People. The power of ideas and innovation, the ability to solve problems and the sprit of team work are some of the factors that can be credited to our success.

The continued growth and learning of our people provides a solid base for the company's long-term development and potential. Enhancing the expertise of our people ensures that the company will continue to achieve its business goals.

At Novatek, we endeavor to assist our people in developing their professional skills, which enables the company to stay both competitive and productive in the marketplace. We can also assure our employees of a wide range of diverse business opportunities, and of gaining new experience in increasing their expertise in a fast-changing industry. You can be certain that you will continue to both learn and grow at every phase of your career with Novatek.

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