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  Compensation & Benefits


Compensations & Benefits

We do our best to take care of our people. We provide our staff with a safe and stimulating work environment that includes contemporary resources and facilities to complete their work. A comprehensive reward program with an extensive support and retirement program is offered.

Everyone is well rewarded for their contribution and high performance. We are also committed to ensure all employees are paid competitively within the market.

Our compensation package includes:
Compensation Package Health Care Benefits Paid Vacation
Subsides for Special Purposes Employee Assistance Program (EAP) In-house Facilities & Resources
Cultural Program Social and Recreation Clubs


Compensation Package
  • Base Pay
  • Fixed bonus
  • Performance bonus
  • Retirement pension

A sophisticated benefits program provides a variety of options for all regular, full-time and temporary employees as well as interns.

Health Care Benefits
  • Legislative labor insurance
  • National health insurance for our employee & their family
  • Company-paid group life insurance and accidental death & dismemberment insurance
  • Company-paid physical check-ups every two year

Paid Vacation
  • Paid vacation during their employment is offered based on the Taiwan labor laws and regulations . With each year of service thereafter, vacation time will increase accordingly per year.
  • Company paid holidays per year.
  • Paid marital leave:8 days
  • Paid maternity leave:56 days
  • Paid paternity leave:5 days
  • Paid prenatal examination:5 days
  • Paid bereavement leave

Subsides for Special Purposes
  • Fixed amount of subsides for annual tours and trips
  • Gift coupons for birthdays and cultural festivals
  • Subsides for weddings & childbirths.
  • Meal allowances
  • Children scholarships
  • Discount stores

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • Employee Assistance fund: assist employees who may encounter life challenges or problems
  • In-house psychology counseling

In-house Facilities & Resources
  • Employee cafeteria
  • Convenience store & café
  • Sports facilities
  • In house library
  • In-house massage service

Cultural Program
The company periodically plans and organizes cultural programs including
  • Art exhibits
  • Guest speakers
  • Work/life seminars
  • Free movies
  • Other art events

Social and Recreation Clubs
The company encourages employees with common interests to organize social and recreational clubs. These clubs receive funding and support from the company.

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