Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Novatek commits to integrity and acts complied with government laws and regulations to provide sufficient operational transparency and respect for shareholder rights. The Company's Board of directors consists of industry seniors with profound professional experiences and related expertise. The Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee are constructed under supervision by the Board of directors to further reinforce the Company's internal operation and corporate governance.


Corporate Governance Officer

The Board of Directors appointed Mr. Shen-Cheng,Chou, the Financial Officer of Novatek, as the Corporate Governance Officer responsible for corporate governance matters, including handling of matters relating to Board, Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Shareholders' meetings in compliance with law, assistance in onboarding and continuing education of directors, provision of information required for performance of duties by directors, and assistance in directors' compliance of law, etc.


In 2020, the Corporate Governance Officer of Novatek has completed the three-hour courses of “Analysis and Decision-making Application of Corporate Financial Information” and “Principles and Applications of Artificial Intelligence” organized by the Securities and Futures Institute, and the three-hour courses of“Corporate Risks Management and Internal Control” and "Corporate Fraud Identification and Prevention" organized by the Taiwan Corporate Governance Association, reaching the total number of training hours in the year to 12 hours.


Ethics and Integrity

Trustworthiness is one of Novatek’ mottos while all employees are asked to obey and follow. In order to ensure the implementation of the integrity management, Novatek has formulated the “Anti-Corruption, Anti-Bribery Commitment”, ”Ethical Corporate Management Principles” and “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct” and assigned Legal Division and Human Resources Division responsible for the monitoring and implementation of ethical management policies and prevention programs. Novatek also sets the internal and external reporting mechanisms for violations of integrity management and whistle-blower protection stipulated in “Regulations Governing Grievance and Whistleblowing”.


The online course of “Advocacy of Integrity Management Behaviors” has been organized for the entire staff once a year, and the content of this course includes the six major topics of processing of major internal information, prevention of insider transaction, avoidance of conflict of interests, protection of trade secret, integrity management, and informing channel. The advocacy of relevant information has been conducted once every six months.


Novatek has completed the above course in September 2020, and the completion rate for all employees was 100%. The course materials and related audio-visual files were archived in the internal system.


The primary duty of Novatek board of directors is to supervise, and to guide the Company's management to deploy feasible corporate strategies for its long-term, mid-term and short-term business development while to maximize its benefits for its shareholders and stakeholders. The board of directors maintains a functional communication with the management and conducts the board meetings at a quarterly basis.

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