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Corporate Governance

Novatek commits to integrity and acts complied with government laws and regulations to provide sufficient operational transparency and respect for shareholder rights. The Company's Board of directors consists of industry seniors with profound professional experiences and related expertise. The Remuneration Committee and the Audit Committee are constructed under supervision by the Board of directors to further reinforce the Company's internal operation and corporate governance.



Novatek has established the compensation committee on December 7, 2011, and the members were re-appointed on June 8, 2018. The meeting will be convened at least twice a year, and the job duties are to assisting the board of directors in amendment and evaluation of employee remuneration system of the entire company, regular review of performance evaluation and salary remuneration principles of managers, and regular evaluation of salary remuneration of directors and managers.

When the remuneration committee performs its duties, the evaluation will be conducted according to the following principles: remuneration policy of the entire company staff, salary level of the same job position in the industry, individual participation in operation and contribution of director and manager, overall operation performance of the Company, is there any incentive for any director or manager to go beyond the risk of company for pursuing salary remuneration, determination of changing salary payment time due to consideration of the Company’s business nature, and the adoption of interest avoidance principles for individual salary remuneration of director or manager.


Resolutions, results, and opinions in 2020:

Date Meeting Resolutions

Any Independent Director Had a Dissenting Opinion or Qualified Opinion


The 4nd meeting of the 4th Committee

The 2019 employees’ compensation and remuneration to directors None
    The 2019 remuneration to individual directors
    The 2020 fixed pay and 2019 performance bonus of managers
2020.07.31 The 5rd meeting of the 4th Committee The 2020 fixed pay of newly appointed managers
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