Corporate Social Responsibility

Novatek Education Foundation

To promote science education development as well as outstanding talent cultivation, Novatek Education Foundation has established scholarship programs to encourage outstanding graduate students and doctoral students to concentrate on academic research and technological innovation, striving for the development of science education in Taiwan together.

Novatek Education Foundation was founded in December of 2009 with its funds sponsored by Novatek Microelectronics Corp. The purpose of the Foundation is to be an important source and support for students, as well as the community for culture development and advancement of science education.

The Foundation distributes its funds to local financially disadvantaged minorities, and sponsors fellowship programs for the talented students at colleges and universities. A range of education support programs continue to thrive and grow since its inception. The Foundation also garners the company's employee as volunteers to participate in community support activities and social services.

We believe that education is the seed of the sustainability and long-term development of our society. The Foundation is committed to creating innovative programs that improve learning, push boundaries and contribute to the community.

Novatek Education Foundation
Address:No.1-2, Innovation Rd I., Hsinchu Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan
Phone:+886-3-5670889 ext:25138