Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

Novatek has been dedicated to sustainable operation and development. We take environmental pollution as well as safety and hygiene hazards seriously. The internal policies on environmental safety and hygiene have been formulated in compliance with relevant laws and regulations. We have also established procedures for the management of exhaust gas, wastewater and waste products with effective waste disposal measures, and set the goal of increasing recycling and reutilization of resources, reducing the negative impact of business operations on the environment, and contributing to the sustainable use of the earth's resources. Novatek has already implemented the ISO 14001 environmental management system. The Group's subsidiaries also comply with the environmental management regulations of local government. No violation of environmental protection related laws and regulations occurred in 2020.



Green product system

Novatek builds a green product management system based on international environmental protection trends and customer requirements, effectively implements hazardous substance management and green product certification, and has obtained the green product management system approval from SONY, a well-known international big company. Through complete and clear process management, we introduce the concept of risk management and control, develop and produce high-quality green products that meet the requirements.


To fulfill the corporate responsibility for environmental sustainability and reduce the impact on the environment, in addition to requiring all (100%) of the major suppliers to obtain ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, Novatek follows international regulations, customer requirements and environmental trends to formulate the "Novatek's Regulations on Hazardous Substances". Through regular review and updates, continuously paying attention to environmental issues worldwide, and actively participating in supplier conferences as well as education and training held by customers, Novatek is able to grasp customer needs, ensuring the effective operation of the hazardous substance system.



Energy use status

Novatek is a professional IC design company engaged in product design, R&D and sales. The production of our products is carried out by professional foundries. For this reason, the Company's internal energy demand is mostly the same as that found in peoples' livelihoods such as air conditioning and lighting. The main source of energy is electricity, and the energy consumption from other sources is extremely limited. All of Novatek's power supply is purchased from the Taiwan Power Company (Taipower). In 2020, according to the electric bill from Taipower, Novatek's electricity usage amounted to 30,427,000 kWh, equivalent to 109,538,737 megajoules (1 kWh = 3.6 megajoules). The increase was due to the addition of 824 servers in the 3F/IT room of the Technology Building in 2020, resulting in a significant increase in electricity consumption. Although the electricity consumption increased by 19.61% compared with the previous year, the overall electricity saved in 2020 was about 2,920,000 kWh (electricity saving of 9.6%), which is an additional 972,000 kWh of electricity saved (additional electricity saving of 1.76%) compared with 1,948,000 kWh (electricity saving of 7.66%) in 2019, achieving the goal of saving 1% of electricity every year. In 2020, the per capita electricity consumption target was set at 1250 kWh/manpower, and the actual result was 1090 kWh/manpower.


Statistics of greenhouse gas emission

In 2020, the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions from Novatek was 15,972.24 tons of CO2e/year (Scope 1 and Scope 2), and the biomass emission was 0.00 tons of CO2e/year.
2020 greenhouse gas emission statistics

Year Greenhouse gas type CO2 CH4 N2O HFCs PFCs SF6 NF3 總合




Emission amount

(Tons of CO2e/year)

15,581.42 152.98 0.57 237.28 0.00 0.00 - 15,972.24 0.00

Percentage of total emissions (%)

97.55 0.96 0.00 1.49 0.00 0.00 - 100.00 -

Emission amount

(Tons of CO2e/year)

15,581.42 152.98 0.57 237.28 0.00 0.00  - 15,972.24 0.00
Percentage of total emissions (%) 97.55 0.96 0.00 1.49 0.00 0.00  - 100.00 -


Product Energy Saving

The core features of the ICs designed by Novatek are display technologies and related applications. There are two major product lines: 1. key components for LCD displays, including source driver ICs, gate driver ICs, power management ICs, and timing control ICs, and 2. System-on-Chip (SoC) products which include digital TV system control ICs, desktop display control ICs and digital image control ICs. Novatek's efforts and contributions to product energy saving come from three aspects: (1) using advanced IC design and wafer manufacturing process for the existing LCD products, (2) entering into the field of new energy-saving display products (such as OLED and mini LED related products), and (3) the redesign of products (such as the 1W Project) to comply with the new environmental energy consumption regulations (such as the Energy Star 8.0 & 9.0 of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).


Using advanced IC design and wafer manufacturing process for the existing LCD products

Product energy consumption improvement: Taking the results of 2018 as the basis, the percentage of energy consumption for major products was reduced by 5% in 2020 compared with 2019. According to statistics of the shipments for major products in 2020 and the reduction of energy consumption for IC products, the improvement can reduce the use of electricity by 22 GWh a year for terminal products, which is equivalent to reducing 15,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions or the amount of carbon dioxide that can be absorbed by 30 Daan Parks.


New energy-saving display products

The revenue of new energy-saving display products (such as OLED and mini LED related products, especially driver ICs) is contributed from small and medium-sized OLED driver ICs, especially the increase of mobile phone applications, mini LED backlight products and mini LED driver ICs. In 2020, the revenue of new energy-saving display product grew to more than NT$8.3 billion, accounting for 10.4% of total revenue.




Policy on Environmental Safety and Hygiene

Every Novatek employee is expected to regard environmental safety and hygiene as his/her responsibility. Since Novatek is dedicated to sustainable operation and development, the nature and scale of environmental impact and safety and hygiene hazards resulting from the operations of the Company are required to be in compliance with laws and regulations in order to minimize any harm to our environment. To reduce the environmental impact caused by the Company's activities, Novatek promises:

  • To prevent pollution, possible injures and unhealthy acts, so as to reduce safety and health risks.

  • To research and develop environmentally-friendly products.

  • To continuously implement energy saving and carbon reduction measures, reducing the generation of wastes and enhancing the reutilization of resources.

  • To obey laws and regulations on environmental protection, safety and hygiene.

  • To regularly review environmental safety and hygiene performance to ensure that goals, targets and related requirements are achieved.

  • To ensure that all employees understand their personal responsibilities toward environmental protection and safety and hygiene.
  • To disclose all relevant policies to the public and stakeholders.
  • To regularly implement workplace inspections, ensuring the relevance, appropriateness and continuous improvement of the policies for the Company.


For more environmental information, please refer to the “Environmental Sustainability” chapter in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Download