Corporate Social Responsibility

Friendly Workplace

As a leading IC design manufacturer in Taiwan, Novatek has devoted itself to product R&D and technological innovation since its establishment. In addition to creating corporate value in the global industry and society, it also actively creates a happy and friendly working environment and takes care of employees' health as well as the employees' families, allowing employees to feel worry-free and devote themselves to their work with enthusiasm and creativity.


Talents are not only the assets of Novatek, but also the foundation of the Company's sustainable development. Novatek's success today relies on high-quality human resources. Novatek's emphasis on talents is fully reflected in the workplace environment and conditions provided by the Company. Besides attracting and retaining talents with well offered salaries and benefits, Novatek also attaches great importance to the physical and mental health as well as the personal growth of employees. The purpose is to allow them to grow continuously in the Company. In addition, harmonious employer-employee relationship also helps Novatek's long- erm stable development. Novatek's various internal communication channels allow its employees to fully express their opinions, and the corresponding units can quickly respond to their opinions, creating a good and unimpeded communication culture as well as a free and open working atmosphere.


High Quality Work Teams

In 2020, the number of Novatek employees reached 2,419. To expand the scale of operations and improve our R & D capabilities, Novatek has long regarded a sound human resource structure and talent distribution as the driving force of technology R&D, not only focusing on the growth of employees, but also focusing on the structure and quality of human resources. In terms of distribution of work locations, more than 90% of Novatek employees have their place of work located in Hsinchu, Taiwan, the main business location, while there are other work sites situated in Taipei, Tainan, and elsewhere, all of which provide R & D and technical support services. By providing an excellent working environment, Novatek enables talented personnel companywide to cooperate and grow together, accelerating product development timelines and the immediacy of technical support, and bringing the value of innovation fully into play. In Novatek, there were 13 people in the senior management team with position of Associate Vice President or above as of the end of April 2020, of which only 1 person is not the citizen of Taiwan, ROC (7.69%).




Employee Retention and Care Mechanism

Novatek's average employee turnover rate in 2020 is 5.8%, which is the lowest turnover rate in recent years, far below the level in the industry. (According to the Human Resources FBI report published by the 104 Human Resources Bank in 2020, the total turnover rate of companies with more than 500 employees is 14.1%, and the total turnover rate of companies in the electronic information industry is 17.1%). This is highly consistent with the outstanding performance of Novatek as well as the growth of employees' overall compensation and benefits in recent years.




In addition, Novatek has implemented the exclusive mentor system to help new employees familiarize themselves with the workplace from the first day of work, so that they will not be at a loss. In addition, the comprehensive and complete training courses allow the new employees not only to contribute their strengths, but also to continue to grow while working at Novatek. According to statistics in 2020, the retention rate of new employees within the first three years was about 89.84%, and the retention rate of the new employees within first year was 96.73%, both of which have increased slightly compared with the previous year.


Healthy Workplace



Human Rights and Employee Communication

The growth of an enterprise depends on the continuous contribution of employees. In order to strengthen growth momentum, Novatek actively hires out standing professionals, abides by international human rights standards, implements the "Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct", treats the current employees, contracted and temporary personnel, interns, etc. with dignity and respect. Novatek treats applicants of different races, genders, ages, religions, nationalities or political stances equally, and recruits employees through an open and fair selection process. In addition, Novatek protects the personal data of applicants and avoids employment discrimination in accordance with the required laws and regulations.

Novatek is committed to the safety of the working environment, the respect and dignity of employees, the promotion of environmental protection and ethics in operation. To ensure such commitment, Novatek clearly defines various human rights protection norms and policies, and conducts a complete investigation procedure to ensure that its code of conduct is consistent with the "Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) Code of Conduct".



For more information on recruiting, training and management development, remuneration and benefits and employee rights and communication, please refer to the “Friendly Workplace” chapter in the Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Download